[Samba] [revised] bad file number / dlopen failure (fwd)

Ben Kim bkim at coe.tamu.edu
Thu Apr 28 21:10:35 GMT 2005

I found errors in my previous post. The
should all read  /samba/source/nsswitch/pam_winbind.so. 

I also found that if I run an old binary (sshd 3.6.1p1), this problem goes

So a temporary fix for me is to use the old version, but it's not what I
can live with.

If there's anyone who runs sshd for windows users and is willing,
I'd like to hear about his/her experience.

Apr 28 08:43:58 bkim sshd[7609]: [ID 305314 local3.debug] load_modules:


Ben Kim
College of Education 
Texas A&M University

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