[Samba] Problems with Win XP clients connecting to shares

Aria Bamdad ARIA at biostat.bsc.gwu.edu
Thu Apr 28 18:24:53 GMT 2005


I have a Samba server running with security=user.  I do NOT use
a domain login on this server.

I have over 100 W2K clients with mapped network drives to shares on this
server.  My client login password differs from the password set on the
Samba server.  So, when the client logs in to the desktop, after the
W2K login prompt, they immediately get a password prompt to login to
the Samba server so that their mapped network drives are connected.
This is excellent because the user cannot continue until they either
enter the correct password or hit cancel.

The problem I am having is with Windows XP clients.  Apparently, in
XP, there is a 'fast login' that skips prompting for the network
password immediately after login.  As a result, the user is not prompted
for the Samba password and after a few seconds, they get a little box
at the bottom informing them that some network drives were not maped.

Question:  Is there a way I can force XP to prompt for the password
BEFORE continuing with user login and desktop setup as it is currently
done in W2K?  Currently my only solution is to make the client windows
login password the same as the samba password.

Thanks in advance.

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