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John H Terpstra jht at Samba.Org
Wed Apr 27 20:43:49 GMT 2005


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On Wednesday 27 April 2005 14:23, Marta R. Lozano wrote:
> Hi:
> My english is very bad but I will try to explain that it We need. We
> work at Library of
> Ministry of Economy.
> We use one Linux Server with Samba 3.07 (mainly it has data files,
> databases and It application (from Unesco)).
> Right now, the administrator are Information System's people from
> Ministry.We need in
> some case not only to track what user are connected and what files they
> are using, we
> need in special case to unconneted (o cut off the connection) because we
> need to up
> date some databases and If it is in use we couldn't to do this.
> So, The Information System's people set up SWAT for us, but this tool
> don't allow to
> unconnected users. It only allow to see the "Home", "Status", "View"
> ans "Password".
> My question is: Is it possible, by configuration, to allow us to
> unconnected user from

Yes, if you log into SWAT as the 'root' account. You will need to kill 
connections, not users.

> some files at option "Status". If it is yes, please, tell us how they
> can do that.

See above.

> And talking about "Status": is possible to change the "Refresh
> Interval"´s seconds
> amonut??. And when one make Refresh why the date and time doesn't
> change.

That will require some diagnostics work to find the answer. Your information 
is not sufficient to provide a meaningful answer at this time.

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