[Samba] SAMBA 2.0.7 on Solaris 9 - How to disable port 445

John H Terpstra jht at Samba.Org
Wed Apr 27 03:18:27 GMT 2005

On Tuesday 26 April 2005 20:56, joe.ward at us.schneider-electric.com wrote:
> I have SAMBA 2.0.7 running on about 20 Solaris 9 servers around the US.
> One location is experiencing interruptions for Windows XP clients who map
> to the SAMBA server.  There are no known changes to Solaris or SAMBA to
> explain the change.
> The problem is very random.  I have seen postings that discuss how XP uses
> ports 139 and 445.  Is there a way to block port 445 in SAMBA 2.0.7?  The
> "smb ports" configuration file entry is invalid for 2.0.7.  I tried "smb
> -p 139  - D" and there is still traffic on port 445.

No need to. Samba-2.x does not support port 445 afaicr.

> Is there a way to block all TCP port 445 activity on the server side
> without having to learn SunScreen?

Not needed if it is inactive.

> Any suggestions will be most appreciated.

Best suggestion is to update to Samba-3.0.14a. Please let me know if you need 
help. You can contact me on (801) 936-1368.

- John T.
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