[Samba] file locking in samba

Felipe Tocchetto tocchetto at gmail.com
Tue Apr 26 18:57:47 GMT 2005

Hi all

I am new on the list and i subscribe it do try to solve a problem that i am 
having with samba and file locking. Last week we changed from DreamWaver to 
NVU, the DreamWaver implements file locking but the NVU dont. What started 
to happen is that two users can edit the same file, the files are in a samba 
server (3.0.10). 

What i am trying to do is implement the file lock in samba, make the samba 
server control the access to the files, denying two users acess the same 
file. I make searched over google and find some useful parameters, o created 
a test share in my server to test, but it did not work.

If somebody have already implemented it or know how to implement file 
locking in samba please give me some help.

What i have tried in the share:

blocking locks = yes
locking = yes
oplocks = false
level2 oplocks = false
strict locking = yes
posix locking = yes
share modes = yes

Thanks a lot

my email is tocchetto at gmail.com
icq 163263160
msn ftocchetto at hotmail.com

Felipe L. Tocchetto
msn ftocchetto at hotmail.com
icq 163263160
felipe at tocchetto.com

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