[Samba] Group Policies in Samba 3

Tony Earnshaw tonye at billy.demon.nl
Tue Apr 26 18:07:41 GMT 2005

tir, 26.04.2005 kl. 19.33 skrev Jeff Davis:

> Ok,  I'm going kinda nuts...
> I have a samba 3 + openldap domain, which works great for 
> authentication, etc.
> I am trying to use the NTConfig.POL to enforce policies on a mix of 
> 98/win2k and XP boxes.  This is a K12 environment, so I need very 
> restrictive policies for students, less so for teachers and staff.
> What seems to be happening, at least with the XP clients is that it gets 
> the profile once during the user's initial login, but never looks to 
> theNTConfig.pol file again.  I'm certain that part of the problem is my 
> own ignorance as to windows policy mechanisms/quirks/limitations.
> Has anyone come up with a method for implementing group-policy-like 
> functionality from samba without resorting to a true AD installation + 
> winbind?  Scripting slight-of-hand or other tricks?  I'd sure appreciate 
> any wisdom you could toss my way.

Cautious "yes", I've written this so many times, this will be the last.
www.nitrobit.com - but only for Win200? and XP. It's commercial but
cheap for education, it does what you (and I :) want - and more. You get
a 42-day eval version, the documentation is lousy compared to Samba's.


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