[Samba] Group Policies in Samba 3

Jeff Davis jdavis at standard.k12.ca.us
Tue Apr 26 17:33:31 GMT 2005

Ok,  I'm going kinda nuts...

I have a samba 3 + openldap domain, which works great for 
authentication, etc.

I am trying to use the NTConfig.POL to enforce policies on a mix of 
98/win2k and XP boxes.  This is a K12 environment, so I need very 
restrictive policies for students, less so for teachers and staff.

What seems to be happening, at least with the XP clients is that it gets 
the profile once during the user's initial login, but never looks to 
theNTConfig.pol file again.  I'm certain that part of the problem is my 
own ignorance as to windows policy mechanisms/quirks/limitations.

Has anyone come up with a method for implementing group-policy-like 
functionality from samba without resorting to a true AD installation + 
winbind?  Scripting slight-of-hand or other tricks?  I'd sure appreciate 
any wisdom you could toss my way.

Jefferson K. Davis
Technology and Information Systems Manager
Standard School District
1200 North Chester Ave
Bakersfield, CA  93308
661-392-2110 ext 120

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