[Samba] another user or process has modified the document - set information2 request - last write

Sams Niko ns at vivid-planet.com
Mon Apr 25 16:40:58 GMT 2005

hi there,

Imagine this scenario:

I'm running samba 3.0.10 on debian sarge and i mount there a 
windows-share using:
mount -t smbfs -o uername=niko,password=xxx //niko/test /mnt

On the windows-client (WinXP SP2, same with win2k) i have a local user 
named "niko" and a share ("test") where "niko" has full-access-rights.

1. I open a file "foo" on the windows-machine with Macromedia HomeSte, 
change one by and save it

2. I open the file on the linux-machine (less /mnt/foo)

3. then when i close the file on the linux-machine (q)

4. i get the message on the windows-machine: "Another user or process 
has modified the document..." "Do you with to relaod it?"
(after alt+tab, alt+tab to reactivate HomeSite)

using Ethereal on the windows-machine i found out that the linux-machine 
sends a "Set Information2 Request" to the windows-machine where it sets 
"Last Access" and "Last Write" ("Created" has no time specified)!

"Last access" is set correctly the the current time of the linux-machine 
when less was quitted, and "last write" is too set correctly to the time 
when i saved the file in step 1.
But i wonder why "last write" is set?

any ideas/suggestions for my problem?

thanks for any help
niko sams

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