[Samba] How to determine the origin of BROWSE.DAT Entries

Scott Swaim scott at qualitycorps.com
Thu Apr 21 19:46:25 GMT 2005

I have a multi domain setup using samba.  I run 3 domains across a VPN 
connection.  One is always setup as the master WINS server.  The master 
Server is still on 2.2.8a.  All of the other domains are at V3.010.  I 
stopped all of the servers this morning and deleted the Browse.dat file.  (I 
had a mistake in one of my domains that was conflicting with the he master 
wins server)  After I restarted the daemons I now have a couple of 
Domain/Workgroup entries that show up in the browse.dat file.  How do I 
determine where these came from?  I want to make sure that none of my 
machines have been compromised.  When I run smbclient is gives me a list of 
additional workgroups and the master for that group but I cannot query those 
machines to find the IP address.  Is there any other way to locate the 
information that I need?

Thanks in advanced.
Scott Swaim

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