[Samba] Windows XP fails to load Desktop Profile on Samba 3 PDC

Christoph Galuschka christoph.galuschka at tikom.at
Thu Apr 21 08:03:43 GMT 2005


I'm currently trying to implement samba 3.0.14a as PDC in our 

I've allready managed to join the first trial workstations to the 
Domain. Now I have the following problem:

I've created an Administrator-account for joining the machines 
and doing maintenance work. This account seems to have no 
problem to store its personal settings (Desktop, startmenu) on 
the PDC.

When I add new users (unix and samba settings are correct), 
only a part of the users profile is stored on the PDC. Desktop 
works fine, however the startmenu always returns to 
windowsXP-default after a new logon. I even can't change to 
the detailed view in system controls.

any hints?

thanks and regards

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