[Samba] Re: still ACL bug in 3.0.14a

Peter Kruse pk at q-leap.com
Thu Apr 21 07:24:45 GMT 2005


Jeremy Allison wrote:
> Precisely. This is something that isn't new and has been in Samba
> a long time. I don't think it's a critical bug that needs urgent
> code changes - unlike the ACL issues which were bugs in new
> functionality.

Alright, so there is a design issue in samba that has been there
for a long time, and as there a solutions (EAs) no need to
do anything about it.  Fine, go ahead and mark the bug as
wontfix.  But please also put somewhere in the docs the suggestion
to use "dos filemode" and "store dos attributes" when using
ACLs.  Because I'm sure more people will be hit by this
when using them.  Have there been ACLs in Samba 2.x? don't think
so, so this problem never really showed up, but with ACLs you may come
up with the idea to remove all rights from every file and
directory and manage everything with ACLs, and that won't work.



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