[Samba] Re: missing directory entries on irix

James Peach jorgar at gmail.com
Thu Apr 21 07:23:19 GMT 2005

On 4/20/05, Cale Fairchild <cale at brocku.ca> wrote:
> Thanks for the patch, unfortunately when I installed it I had a lot more
> files missing from the directory listing and I have not taken much time to
> look at why. But it certainly is the cast that off_t on the IRIX box is 8 bytes
> in the current OS, however the compilers seem to convert the long values
> properly so long as overflow does not occur.
> Thanks to your suggestion on looking at the 'xfs_growfs -n' output I think that
> I have finally tracked down the problem with the missing file. In IRIX systems
> that have version 1 naming the last entry in that directory listing has a
> dirent->d_off value of -1 if you treat it as a long. On systems with version 2
> naming the value is not set to -1. In samba 3.0.11 there was no apparent test
> of the dirent->d_off field, but in 3.0.12 it performs a telldir after reading
> the last name and returns NULL if the offset it -1.

Nice work! I'm away from the lab this week, but I'll have a patch for
you early next week. Thanks for digging into this.

James Peach | jorgar at gmail.com

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