[Samba] shared network printer on linksys print server

Michael Wray mwray at aimconnect.com
Thu Apr 21 00:03:24 GMT 2005

Well, what's the command it's asking for? If it's lpr or lpq it's probably 
because that has been obsoleted by CUPS. You should read info on lpr 
compatability, CUPS, and samba.
first get the printer working from the command line without samba...(through 
cups...) Then you can worry about getting samba to use it. 

On Wednesday 20 April 2005 6:56 pm, Sean Fichera wrote:
> I have a samba server running samba 3.  I am not actually sure that this
> is samba not working or a linux printing thing.  I have a Linksys PPSX1
> Pocket Print Server and I am unable to print to the network printer.
> There are directions on the Linksys site but I get so far and the
> directions tell me to type a command that is not found.  Is anyone
> printing to a Linksys Pocket Print Server?  I need this to be queue
> based.  Any suggestions?
> Sean Fichera
> Salem School District Media

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