[Samba] the desktop.ini incident again

Guido Lorenzutti guido at lorenzutti.com.ar
Wed Apr 20 21:13:57 GMT 2005

I was having the same problem some days ago and i found the "map system" 
and other "map" options in the man of the smb.conf that may suit your needs.

This options tells samba that "system files" of windows gets hiden 
attribute. I don't try it yet because i just can't apply the changes 
right know. Im going to have to wait to the weekend. Tell me if it works.

Holger Wesser wrote:

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> Hi Collen,
> thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, the "desktop.ini" infiltrates a
> lot of directories. So I can find it at the "Quick launch" too. And I am
> sure, I never created this file in this directory ;-)
> Of course, you're right- I solve the problem by deleting the files
> manually. But I don't like to repeat this procedure in every 
> user-profile.
> Greets,
> Holger
> Collen wrote:
> | o btw, i forgot..
> |
> | notepad popup when logon, is the fact that the desktop.ini is in your
> | startup folder..
> | so remove it from the userprofile, and the allusers profile
> | (start menu\programs\starup\ (within windows))
> |
> | sorry for the extra post..
> | collen
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