[Samba] smbclient to sent message to windows users fails

Josh Kelley josh at jbc.edu
Wed Apr 20 16:46:51 GMT 2005

Marcel J.E. Mol wrote:

>Up till a few months ago I had no problems sending popup messages to
>windows-xp pcs like this:
> echo "New fax arrived $pages pages" | /usr/bin/smbclient -U FAX -M jo >>/tmp/smbclient.log
>Lately however this does not work anymore.  The log file contains nothing
>at all. This was still with samba 2.2.3 on an readhat 7.2 server.
>I'm not really aware of chagend to the windows clients (windows-xp
>profesional), but then again some auto update might have caused this.
I think that XP Service Pack 2 may have disabled the Messenger service, 
since it was often abused by spammers.  Check to make sure that it's set 
to Automatic and is running (under Control Panel, Administrative Tools, 
Services).  Also check your firewall; for the Windows Firewall, enabling 
an exception for File and Printer Sharing should be enough to make 
messages work, but I'm not certain.

>And in other cases:
>   added interface ip= bcast= nmask=
>   Cannot resolve name jo#0x3
>(I don't understand where this #0x3 comes from...)
Windows appends numbers to indicate various specific services.  See 
for a list of the various numbers and what they mean.  0x3 means the 
Messenger service; if it's not found, then I'd guess the Messenger 
service isn't running.

Josh Kelley

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