[Samba] gid and uid

Fabio Marcone fabio.marcone at duet.it
Wed Apr 20 15:40:28 GMT 2005

thanks for your answer!

>> hi!
>> I'm studing samba as PDC (with ldap backend) and I would know:
>> - gid and uid are useful in samba? in other words: if pdc admin knows
>> uids, he can recovery some wrong situations ?

>Samba use unix account.

>> Example: if a user was cancelled and then readded, if his uid changes
>> some troubles with shared files?


how? can you explain me why?
I know that privileges are set in smb.conf using user and group name, not uid 
or gid!

If admin readds an user using the old name (indicate in smb.conf), what 
problems can occur?

>> NT mantains, after deletion, association between shared file and uiduser
>> so if admin readded user with the same uid the system "restore" the right

>> configuration.

>Of course

samba's behavior is the same?
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