[Samba] Can't Install Samba 3.0.14a

Paul Gienger pgienger at ae-solutions.com
Tue Apr 19 13:05:45 GMT 2005

> You should download every samba-*-3.0.14a-1.i386.rpm and install them 
> to make this work. When you download every package, just
> rpm -Uvh samba*3.0.14a*rpm
> And everything maybe... maybe... works. But again, is Fedora...

<sigh><sarcasm> and of course, if you were using apt and debian this 
would all just work I suppose </sarcasm></sigh>

For some reason, the person who initially laid out the packages for 
Fedora (and maybe other rpm distros that I can't comment about) decided 
that the 3 (4?) inter-dependant samba packages should be seperate.  If 
you follow the original responders instructions you will be fine, jabs 
at your distro aside. 

That being said, every time I've done an upgrade on a linux box my 
printer drivers have needed rebuilding even after backing up tdb files, 
etc.  FWIW.  Everything else has gone fine however.

No, the DSA warning is not the biggest thing in the world.  If are 
running with the GPG keys installed and are checking all of your 
installed rpms for validity and integrity from the source, then the DSA 
warning would be a big red flag for you.

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