[Samba] Browsing over subnet Problem & nmbd stop working after a few hours

Adi Nugraha adi at westindo.co.id
Tue Apr 19 01:59:56 GMT 2005


I have 2 Problems


I have a Samba server acting as a PDC on 2 subnet 192.168.0.xx and
192.168.88.xx, and 2 samba server as a stand alone file sharing server
server. I used iptables to route the two network with the PDC as the router

The PDC acts a DC and a WINS Server , I've set up the dhcp servers to give
the wins address of the PDC, I can call machine in the 192.168.0.xx subnet
by it's name just fine, but I can't browse the machines from Network

I also have a W2K Server which is to be replaced by the samba server later
on but for now it's still a PDC in the 192.168.0.xx subnet, I've tried
setting the os level to 32 and 65 but nothing happened. maybe it's just the
W2K Server causing this but is there's anything in Samba that can help ??


I've put some static address entry to the /etc/hosts file in the samba PDC
in order to resolve some web servers in the network, at first it worked just
fine, I can call the name of the server on IE and it will get the page, but
after a few hours I can't call it using the name anymore, but i can always
call it using the IP address of the machine, when I restart the nmbd service
I can call the machine by name again, waht is causing nmbd to stop working
??? I've tried looking at the log file but I can't see anything , heck I
don't even know when exactly it started failing  any has a suggestion ???

please help me with this, I've been trying to solve this for month's  and I
still can't find the problem, any links to a particular mail archive or docs
about this

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