[Samba] how to "hide" the desktop.ini file on roaming profiles?

Steve Jr Ramage sambaspammedme at sjrx.net
Mon Apr 18 06:50:35 GMT 2005

Guido Lorenzutti wrote:

> Hi people, im new on the list.
> I have a samba 3.0.10 working as a PDC with roaming profiles for 
> win2003 clients.
> The problem is that the windows 2003 uses a lot of desktop.ini "hiden 
> files" that when i save this on my roaming profile and i log back in 
> for the second time i lost this "hiden bit" on the desktop.ini files 
> and i see them everywhere. Even on the "startup" menu and it launches 
> a notepad to see the desktop.ini!
> Any ideas how to fix this?

It might cause a bit of overhead but try adding

veto files = desktop.ini

Here is the man page info

 veto files (S)
              This is a list of files and directories that are neither 
              nor accessible. Each entry in the list must be  separated  
by  a
              '/',  which  allows  spaces to be included in the entry. 
'*' and
              '?' can be used to specify multiple files or directories  
as  in
              DOS wildcards.

              Each  entry  must  be  a  unix path, not a DOS path and 
must not
              include the unix directory separator '/'.

              Note that the case sensitive option  is  applicable  in  

              One  feature of the veto files parameter that it is 
important to
              be aware of is Samba's behaviour when trying to delete a  
              tory.  If a directory that is to be deleted contains 
nothing but
              veto files this deletion will  fail  unless  you  also  
set  the
              delete veto files parameter toyes.

              Setting  this parameter will affect the performance of 
Samba, as
              it will be forced to check all files and directories for a 
              as they are scanned.

              Default: veto files = # No files or directories are vetoed.

              Example: veto files = ; Veto any files containing the word 
              rity, ; any ending in .tmp, and any directory containing  
the  ;
              word  root.  veto  files  = /*Security*/*.tmp/*root*/ ; 
Veto the
              Apple specific files that a  NetAtalk  server  ;  
creates.  veto
              files = /.AppleDouble/.bin/.AppleDesktop/Network Trash Folder/

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