[Samba] how to "hide" the desktop.ini file on roaming profiles?

"Raúl D. Pittí Palma" rdpitti at globaltecsa.com
Mon Apr 18 07:03:51 GMT 2005

i think it is not a wise idea..
take alook at the option hide files (S), in 

vetoing the desktop.ini file can cause Guido to loose some configuration..

please correct me if i am wrong, and forgive my rude english, as it is 
not my first language.

Steve Jr Ramage wrote:
> Guido Lorenzutti wrote:
>> Hi people, im new on the list.
>> I have a samba 3.0.10 working as a PDC with roaming profiles for 
>> win2003 clients.
>> The problem is that the windows 2003 uses a lot of desktop.ini "hiden 
>> files" that when i save this on my roaming profile and i log back in 
>> for the second time i lost this "hiden bit" on the desktop.ini files 
>> and i see them everywhere. Even on the "startup" menu and it launches 
>> a notepad to see the desktop.ini!
>> Any ideas how to fix this?
> It might cause a bit of overhead but try adding
> veto files = desktop.ini
> Here is the man page info
> veto files (S)
>              This is a list of files and directories that are neither 
> visible
>              nor accessible. Each entry in the list must be  separated  
> by  a
>              '/',  which  allows  spaces to be included in the entry. 
> '*' and
>              '?' can be used to specify multiple files or directories  
> as  in
>              DOS wildcards.
>              Each  entry  must  be  a  unix path, not a DOS path and 
> must not
>              include the unix directory separator '/'.
>              Note that the case sensitive option  is  applicable  in  
> vetoing
>              files.
>              One  feature of the veto files parameter that it is 
> important to
>              be aware of is Samba's behaviour when trying to delete a  
> direc-
>              tory.  If a directory that is to be deleted contains 
> nothing but
>              veto files this deletion will  fail  unless  you  also  
> set  the
>              delete veto files parameter toyes.
>              Setting  this parameter will affect the performance of 
> Samba, as
>              it will be forced to check all files and directories for a 
> match
>              as they are scanned.
>              Default: veto files = # No files or directories are vetoed.
>              Example: veto files = ; Veto any files containing the word 
> Secu-
>              rity, ; any ending in .tmp, and any directory containing  
> the  ;
>              word  root.  veto  files  = /*Security*/*.tmp/*root*/ ; 
> Veto the
>              Apple specific files that a  NetAtalk  server  ;  creates.  
> veto
>              files = /.AppleDouble/.bin/.AppleDesktop/Network Trash Folder/

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