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Eric Hines eehines at comcast.net
Mon Apr 18 00:52:50 GMT 2005

Paul, Deryck, et al.,

Thanks for all of your help (OP isn't savvy--what was your first clue? 
<g>).  After sufficient prodding, I went and looked and found the following 
URL, at our very own samba.org, for rpms for Samba v 3.0.14a:


Looks like I'll be uninstalling the source build and installing these 
rpms....  I'm also going to go to school on Paul's Option 2 below.

Eric Hines

>From: Paul Gienger <pgienger at ae-solutions.com>
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>Subject: Re: [Samba] Samba Install/SWAT Access
>Deryck Hodge wrote:
>>Eric Hines wrote:
>>>Thanks for your response.  I got the version from samba.org as a tar.gz
>>>file, which turned out to be source code.  I did install from source. 
>>>Where can I get an rpm package for this version?  Alternatively (for my
>>>longer term benefit), how do I a) get FC3 to look at/use the upgrade
>>>version in the samba team's directory structure, or b) install the
>>>upgrade version into FC3's directory structure?
>>>Eric Hines
>>You can specify a different directory structure when using configure.  Run
>>"./configure --help" to see the options.
>>Running "./configure --help | grep dir" produced the following:
>While this is all fine and good, it still doesn't fix the problem I was 
>addressing, that being source code installs on a RPM based system can 
>cause havoc if you aren't adept at keeping things straight.  Not to be 
>demeaning to Eric, but the OP here isn't savvy (yet ;) ) on where things 
>should be to fix the system when things break, hence the post here.
>Eric,  to answer your questsons
>a) simple really, build an RPM that has been built to RH/Fedora's 
>b) see answer a.
>To build a rpm to these specs, you have 3 real choices.  One of them I 
>outlined in my response, which is to run the makerpms.sh script, which I 
>think you need to add u+x permissions to before it will run.
>Option 2 is to grab a src.rpm and build that way.  This is a long 
>description, but it's pretty easy.  If you download 
>and install that, you will get the sources installed in a way that you can 
>build from them in RHs directory structure.  To build the rpm files, you 
>go to /usr/src/redhat/SPECS and execute 'rpmbuild -bb samba.spec' which 
>will then go nuts building, provided you have any dependancies installed, 
>it will complain if you don't.  If it does complain, install any packages 
>it is asking for.  Once it exits (hopefully with a 0 result) you will have 
>packages built in /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/i386 (assuming that you're running 
>an x86-32 arch).   Install all the samba packages without the -debug in 
>the name.  I'm sure there's an option to disable debug builds, but I don't 
>know it off hand.
>- note that you have to have a few deve packages installed to just get 
>started here, like rpmbuild (I think, it used to be named that) and maybe 
>some other stuff.  Try to run rpmbuild bare and see if it runs, if not 
>start to install that and put in whatever it asks for.  If you aren't sure 
>how to do that, go to your install disk's rpm directory and run rpm -ivh 
><package_file_name>.rpm.    I realize now that you may not be that fluent 
>at installing rpm files, that command right there is one you could end up 
>using a lot in this step.  You can install several packages at once by 
>just adding more filenames at the end.
>Option 3 is to find a binary packaged RPM file someplace.  You're on your 
>own there, I usually do step 2 if things aren't available in my yum paths.
>Hope that helps.
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