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Paul Gienger pgienger at ae-solutions.com
Sun Apr 17 23:22:08 GMT 2005

Deryck Hodge wrote:

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>Eric Hines wrote:
>>Thanks for your response.  I got the version from samba.org as a tar.gz
>>file, which turned out to be source code.  I did install from source. 
>>Where can I get an rpm package for this version?  Alternatively (for my
>>longer term benefit), how do I a) get FC3 to look at/use the upgrade
>>version in the samba team's directory structure, or b) install the
>>upgrade version into FC3's directory structure?
>>Eric Hines
>You can specify a different directory structure when using configure.  Run
>"./configure --help" to see the options.
>Running "./configure --help | grep dir" produced the following:

While this is all fine and good, it still doesn't fix the problem I was 
addressing, that being source code installs on a RPM based system can 
cause havoc if you aren't adept at keeping things straight.  Not to be 
demeaning to Eric, but the OP here isn't savvy (yet ;) ) on where things 
should be to fix the system when things break, hence the post here.

Eric,  to answer your questsons
a) simple really, build an RPM that has been built to RH/Fedora's 
b) see answer a.

To build a rpm to these specs, you have 3 real choices.  One of them I 
outlined in my response, which is to run the makerpms.sh script, which I 
think you need to add u+x permissions to before it will run. 

Option 2 is to grab a src.rpm and build that way.  This is a long 
description, but it's pretty easy.  If you download 
and install that, you will get the sources installed in a way that you 
can build from them in RHs directory structure.  To build the rpm files, 
you go to /usr/src/redhat/SPECS and execute 'rpmbuild -bb samba.spec' 
which will then go nuts building, provided you have any dependancies 
installed, it will complain if you don't.  If it does complain, install 
any packages it is asking for.  Once it exits (hopefully with a 0 
result) you will have packages built in /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/i386 
(assuming that you're running an x86-32 arch).   Install all the samba 
packages without the -debug in the name.  I'm sure there's an option to 
disable debug builds, but I don't know it off hand.

 - note that you have to have a few deve packages installed to just get 
started here, like rpmbuild (I think, it used to be named that) and 
maybe some other stuff.  Try to run rpmbuild bare and see if it runs, if 
not start to install that and put in whatever it asks for.  If you 
aren't sure how to do that, go to your install disk's rpm directory and 
run rpm -ivh <package_file_name>.rpm.    I realize now that you may not 
be that fluent at installing rpm files, that command right there is one 
you could end up using a lot in this step.  You can install several 
packages at once by just adding more filenames at the end.

Option 3 is to find a binary packaged RPM file someplace.  You're on 
your own there, I usually do step 2 if things aren't available in my yum 

Hope that helps.

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