[Samba] winbind problems. it just wont work

Ramses van Pinxteren Ramses at niob.knaw.nl
Fri Apr 15 15:04:49 GMT 2005


I am still batteling with winbind, and frankly, i am getting 
desperate enough to long for a weekend without any computers in sight 
(that is bad for an addict)

I know I probably make a small stuid blunder but still, I cant find 
it. The attachment is my smb.conf file. I created the needed paths, I 
even made sure the ermissions are set!

I created asmbusers file with contains the following line:
root = Administrator admin

Then I added a user root to the smbpasswd file
smbpasswd -a root
password: XXXXXXXX
after a couple of errors that the smbpasswd file doesnt exists it 
becomes smart enough to create the file.

Then I made the neccessary changes in my /etc/nsswitch.conf file

as an added bonus I tried to "join" the samba to its own domain 
(Dunno if that should be working, but it doesnt!)
rpc net join -S SMB3-MAIN -U root
password: XXXXXXXX
Could not connect to server SMB3-MAIN

(I checked the processtatus, and everything is running!)

Then I started the winbind daemon, and typed in
wbinfo -u
error looking up domain users

I give up. can anyone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me where I goofed up, 
and that I am a stupid dutchman for doing so?

Thanks and a great weekend everyone!

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