[Samba] Re: Repeat Review Request

Eugenio Ruivo eugenio.ruivo at spel-parques.pt
Fri Apr 15 11:27:28 GMT 2005

My opinion also John T.!
Any time I get confused or am doing something new and need to get my 
ideas straightened out about Samba your work on these books are the 
place to go!


Eugenio Ruivo

Alan Dodd wrote:

> John H Terpstra wrote:
>> Is it worth my effort to continue updating this book or is this a 
>> waste of time?
>> - John T.
> Your work is great!
> I regard the two books as THE reference for Samba.
> They were and are essential for me in successfully setting up and 
> maintaining  for two customers Samba PDCs with roaming profiles, logon 
> scripts etc, and various Samba file and printer servers.
> PDC: samba 3.05 + FC1; file/printer serving: samba 2.27 + RH7.2/7.3
> > 50 users
> Reading now again through your docs because in the near future I shall 
> 'upgrade' from tdbsam to openldap and add a BDC.
> Please keep it up
> Regards
> Alan Dodd

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