[Samba] Op-lock error

Tom Peters tpeters at mixcom.com
Thu Apr 14 23:07:09 GMT 2005

Samba 3.0.9-2.3 on Suse 9.2

I'm still getting errors copying to my samba box: Often the first attempt 
to copy to it fails seemingly before it's copied anything. When this 
happens, there is a zero-length file created with the right name. If I 
retry the copy immediately and reply Yes to overwrite the zero-length file, 
it usually proceeds without problems.

Many times the copy just goes fine with no error.

The error dialog that pops up is always the same: Specified network name no 
longer available.

This may be new:

This is the first time I've seen this in the messages file:

Apr 14 16:33:35 tolkien smbd[26853]:   oplock_break: end of file from client
Apr 14 16:33:35 tolkien smbd[26853]:   oplock_break failed for file 
TV/Odyssey5/Odyssey 5-1x16-Vanishing.Point.avi (dev = fd00, inode = 644, 
file_id = 7).
Apr 14 16:33:35 tolkien smbd[26853]: [2005/04/14 16:33:35, 0] 
Apr 14 16:33:35 tolkien smbd[26853]:   oplock_break: client failure in 
break - shutting down this smbd.
Apr 14 16:34:07 tolkien smbd[26857]: [2005/04/14 16:34:07, 0] 
Apr 14 16:34:07 tolkien smbd[26857]:   request_oplock_break: no response 
received to oplock break request to pid 26853 on port 32883 for dev = fd00, 
inode = 644, file_id = 7

No, I take it back, there was a similar occurrence on April 2 copying a 
large file.

I had oplocks=off in my smb.conf and commented that statement out in an 
attempt to wring a little more performance out of this dog. Do I need to 
turn oplocks off? Are they on by default?

Is the global section the right place for the oplocks option?

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