[Samba] Copy Passwords from Active Directory to Samba

Charles McLaughlin cmclaughlin at ucdavis.edu
Thu Apr 14 22:42:32 GMT 2005


I'm migrating from Windows 2003 Active Directory to a Samba 3 PDC and 
would like to avoid recreating passwords for all of my users.  Is it 
possible to copy the Windows user accounts or just the passwords from 
the Windows box to Samba?

I've read about the pwdump.exe tool, but can't find any reports of it 
working on Windows 2003 and am not sure if Active Directory stores 
passwords in the same manner as NT.  Can anyone confirm this?

I'm using a tdbsam password backend.  Even if I can extract the 
passwords from Windows, how can I add the pre-hashed password to the 
tbsam database?

Thanks in advance.


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