[Samba] Joining a domain controller with a conflict name

Raymond Lillard rlillard at sonic.net
Thu Apr 14 19:43:28 GMT 2005

Tom Skeren wrote:
> Jonathan Johnson wrote:
>> Again, this is the responsibility of the network administrator. That's 
>> why a password is required to join a domain, so those who don't know 
>> the password (read: your users) can't mess up your network. As an 
>> administrator, it's your responsibility to make sure that a network 
>> name conflict does not occur, by knowing if there's a machine with 
>> THAT NAME on the network already.
> Yes, that's all fine and good, except when the boss allows some visiting 
> dignitary to plug his laptop into the ethernet port in the conferernce 
> room, etc.

That's why you should use DHCP with static address assignments.
If you allow foreign machines on sensitive networks, then you
will soon get what you deserve.

Make "guest" ports available on a network separate from your
private network for visitors to browse the Internet and read
mail, etc ...


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