[Samba] Stable samba version

Thomas Bork tombork at web.de
Wed Apr 13 20:53:03 GMT 2005

Paul Gienger wrote:

>> The same here, with one problem (till today):
>> smbwebclient isn't working correct anymore. Think this is the result 
>> of the changes to smbclient between samba 3.0.11 and 3.0.14.
>> http://smbwebclient.sourceforge.net/2005/03/version-28.html#comments
> Note the release notes for 3.0.12:
> ==================================
> libsmbclient Binary Compatibility
> ==================================
> Please note that a change has been made to the _SMBCCTX structure
> in source/include/libsmbclient.h.  This change is not backwards
> compatible with applications linked against the libsmbclient.so
> library from Samba 3.0.11.  However, it is compatible with all
> other Samba 3.0.x releases.  This means that it will be most likely
> be necessary to recompile any applications linked against the
> 3.0.11 version of the library.

smbwebclient is only a php script, which uses smbclient directly and is 
not linked against any version of libsmbclient.

I double checked this:
smbwebclient works correct with smbclient from samba 3.0.11.
smbwebclient isn't working correct with smbclient from 3.0.13/3.0.14.

der tom

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