[Samba] samba user1 -> samba user2 migrating - how?

J. Simmons jsimmons at vpt-inc.com
Wed Apr 13 14:25:17 GMT 2005

on 04.13.2005 08:58 Tomasz Chmielewski wrote:
> I have a situation like that:
> Samba as a domain controller with roaming profiles enabled; Windows 200 
> SP4.
> Old user Joe with a roaming profile (doesn't work anymore).
> New user Bob which has to use Joe's roaming profile.

If you have the Windows Domain Tools (User Manager for Domains in 
particular) you could rename the user Joe to Bob.

1) Open user Manager for Domains
2) Click on the user Joe to highlite it
3) In the menu, choose User->Rename
4) Enter Bob in Change to.
5) You can then go back into the "new" Bob user and Edit full name, 
description, password, etc.

Hope that helps,


J. Simmons
Network Administrator
VPT, Inc.
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