[Samba] SIGUP? Losing Share

Tony Earnshaw tonye at billy.demon.nl
Tue Apr 12 17:05:27 GMT 2005

Paul Ackerman skrev:

> I'm new to the list and pretty much a newbie to linux and samba. I'm 
> quick learner though.

You'd bloody well better be ;)

>  I have been losing my samba share upon ocasion 
> recently, below is a portion of the syslog from the time period that I 
> think is when the share goes down. A reboot of the server or a restart 
> of the smbd fixes the problem (....until it happens again)
> I don't know what SIGUP is or why this happens, any help would be great.

It's not so much the SIGHUP. which could be normal.

It's more the signal 11,  which shows either that your installation is 
crap or your hardware is crap.

Whichever one depemds on your skills as Linux system administrator to 
fathom out. Which means for you catch 22. Get onto your distro mailing 
list and ask tehere.



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