[Samba] Re: Problems with Excel & MS Word files (EVEN - still ANY ideas?)

Nathan Vidican nvidican at wmptl.com
Tue Apr 12 15:58:40 GMT 2005

Since applying the two patches you emailed me (one for cpu load, one for MS
Excel issues):

All is working fine now except MS Word; don't know if it's entirely related
or a separate issue all together, but figured I'd post the details and see
if you can think of anything; here's the behaior:

Word (apparently) creates a "~384somerandomnamefile.tmp" when a user saves,
the actual file they opened goes to 0 bytes, their smbd process goes to 100%
CPU load, MS Word locks up. We forcefully kill their smbd process, rename
the ~whatever.tmp file to their original whatever.doc file, restart their PC
(else word acts up stupid), and we're good to go... Until the next time it

Apparently random files, and varyinf users/network segments as before.
Excel, powerpoint, etc not locking up nor causing similar issues at all
anyore - just MS Word. I think it might have something to do with the
autosave feature, or some sort of option in word making it create/deal with
the tmp files but I really don't understand or know the bahavior well enough
to fix it entirely on my own. Help?

Nathan Vidican
nvidican at wmptl.com
Windsor Match Plate & Tool Ltd.

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On Mon, Apr 04, 2005 at 04:02:39PM -0400, Nathan Vidican wrote:
> I'd love to, but can't seem to get the patch to work ... I tried:
> # cd /usr/compile/samba-3.0.13/source
> # patch
> Hmm...  Looks like a unified diff to me...
> The text leading up to this was:
> --------------------------
> |+++ smbd/dir.c  2005-04-01 11:55:34.000000000 -0800
> --------------------------
> Patching file smbd/dir.c using Plan A...
> Hunk #1 failed at 573.
> Hunk #2 failed at 582.
> Hunk #3 failed at 601.
> 3 out of 3 hunks failed--saving rejects to smbd/dir.c.rej Hmm...
> Ignoring the trailing garbage. done
> Am I missing something, or does it have to be done manually?

Ok, I'm attaching the patch file instead. Better than cut-n-paste into the
mail message :-).

It's the last change :

-       while (SearchDir(dptr->dir_hnd, name, poffset) == True) {
+       if (SearchDir(dptr->dir_hnd, name, poffset)) {

That is the really important one anyway - if this fails try patching that
line by hand.



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