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Tue Apr 12 11:29:27 GMT 2005

Hello again,
the same can be done with textpad and adjustments in preferences/file 
also changes owner when a file is changed and saved.

greetings jens Kramer

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We noticed this as well.

This is because ultraedit effectively moves the original file to the bak
file first and then create a NEW file (with indeed the rights of the current
user). Because of the group writable bit this is completely legal.

The only thing you can do is remove the group writable bit, but then users
in the same group can not edit each other files. I consider this more a bug
in UltraEdit (it should create a new bak file iso moving the original file)

kind regards

Willem Jaap

Kramer Jens ZFF ISAC said:
> Due the software Ultraedit, it is possible to manipulate the ownership 
> of Files!!!
> This may be a big securetyhole.
> A test.txt  owner jens:group fish Unixrights 760 opened an manipulated 
> whit ultraedit, saved. ther will be 2 Files
> one test.txt which is owned by the modifier( e.g hans:fish), and a
> test.txt.bak which is owened by
> That's OK.
> so if i repeat this sequenz again, i will delete the first created
> test.txt.bak with my own, and destroyed the original File from the
> original
> User.
> How is this possible??? Can I forbid this action???
> Thanks
> Jens
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