[Samba] Point and print drivers install from a Win2000 box

Nicolas Costes nicolas.costes at iut-laroche.univ-nantes.fr
Tue Apr 12 10:15:31 GMT 2005

Hello, all !

I'm setting up a print server with Samba and Cups. All goes fine, until I 
try to upload the drivers from a Win2000 box to the Samba server: The 
driver files are copied to the correct directory ([PRINT$]/W32X86/...), 
and everyone seems to be happy... Until I click on the "OK" button: I 
then get a message saying:

"The printer parameters could not be saved. Acces denied"

This is quite strange, because the file get actually copied to the 
[PRINT$] dir, and the logs show nothing really wrong... Moreover, I've 
done other print server using the same versions (The last one was 
yesterday), and they work correctly.

So, I suspect something is done by (samba|cups|windows) when cliking on 
the "OK" button, after the file copy, but I don't know what... I don't 
know the internals of Samba (And the CIFS protocol).

How can I track down the problem ? Has someone here got this issue 
before ?

For information, this Samba+Cups run in a Vserver 
(http://linux-vserver.org/), and this should not be ignored as a possible 
But I'd really like to know the basic step Samba performs when 
remote-installing a driver, to look in the good direction. For example, 
are there any communications between Samba and Cups at this particular 
moment ? More important, if there is such communications, is the loopback 
(lo) interface involved in any way ?

Thank by advance for your answers.

 (°>   Nicolas Costes
 /|\   IUT de La Roche / Yon
( ^ )  Clé publique: http://www.keyserver.net/
 ^ ^   Musique libre: http://www.magnatune.com/
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