[Samba] Daylight saving time problem.

Fred Hebert fhebert at FJHConsulting.com
Mon Apr 11 13:55:04 GMT 2005

I have a small home LAN consisting of a Linux/SAMBA server and 3 XP PRO
workstations.  I use an external USB hard drive, attached to my workstation,
to backup the shared data.  The backup utility uses the DOS file timestamp
to determine which files have changed and need to be backed up.

Normally the backup takes a minute or less and only backs up a few files,
but when we go on or off of daylight saving time, the backup backs up
everything which takes about 5 hours.

I also have some problems with my source code control system.

At work we use all Windows stuff and don't have a problem.

What's weird is that both Linux and XP have the correct times before and
after DST, but the file times on the shares seem to change and are off by an

I am not sure whether it is a Windows or a Linux/SAMBA problem, I am just
hoping someone has a fix.

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