[Samba] Re: winbind on a domain with 150000 users

Peter Kruse pk at q-leap.com
Mon Apr 11 08:20:47 GMT 2005

Martin Konold wrote:
> I have an installation with 170000 groups and 70000 users. wbinfo -u or 
> wbinfo -g are never working and lead to a block winbindd.

Thanks for sharing this, it is the third report, that listing groups or
users in large installations leads to instability of the system (if
winbind is used in nsswitch.conf).  Can we agree that it's worth a bug
report?  Should we write a new one or use #2567?  And I also think
that severity is at least major.  This needs a little more attention.
The problem is, when winbind blocks and is used in nsswitch.conf, other
processes suffer as well.  I don't know of a way to not use winbind
in nsswitch.conf as samba would no longer possible to authenticate

Thank you,


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