[Samba] Samba, ADS and "Failed to verify incoming ticket!"

Tony Earnshaw tonye at billy.demon.nl
Fri Apr 8 15:52:02 GMT 2005

fre, 08.04.2005 kl. 16.23 skrev Buozis, Martynas:

> For ability to failover from one machine to another in case of hardware
> failures I put whole SAMBA installation on highly available NAS. Isn't
> that possible ? I am not trying to run several servers, just have all
> files on NAS to have ability actually run on any machine in cluster.

NAS is not SAN. NAS is *not*,necessarily, permanently available. SAN is.

If you want your files to be permanently available, whether through an
Act of God,  or whatever, you might consider SAN with accompanying
backup routines, collocations, etc. I hope that your pocket book is
suitably fat. Because this is going to *squeez* it.


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