[Samba] Re: How to turn off roaming profiles while holding ontologon scripts.

Mark Ratering thinkaboutit at gmail.com
Fri Apr 8 14:24:47 GMT 2005

I just added the line:

logon path=

to the config.  There is no paramater.


On Apr 8, 2005 6:52 AM, Jason Balicki <kodak at frontierhomemortgage.com> wrote:
> Mark Ratering <> wrote:
> > nevermind,  I will google before posting next time.
> As an aside, it's common courtesy that if you've posted
> to the list and found an answer yourself, you post your
> answer as well.
> That way, the next poor soul who searches for "turn off
> roaming profiles logon scripts" won't find your message
> and see "oh, I found it" with no answer and be forced
> to curse you from afar "why didn't he just put the
> damn answer in his message, or at least a link?  Would
> that have been too much to ask?  Argh!"
> I say this from experience. :)
> Oh, and, client side. :)
> --J(K)

Mark Ratering

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