[Samba] compiling on Tru64

Paul Crittenden crittend at simpson.edu
Fri Apr 8 13:21:59 GMT 2005

I have a Dec/Compaq/HP system that I have loaded a fresh copy of the OS on, 
v5.1-b2. Configure runs fine but when I try to compile samba I get the 
following error(s).

Linking bin/smbd
*** Exit 1

It looks like the different programs compile but when it tries to link it 
fails. It also does this for nmbd. I apparently must have not loaded some 
subset when I installed the OS, or maybe not.

Which one or should I try to load gcc?

Thanks for your help.

Paul Crittenden
Computer System Manager
Simpson College
email: crittend at simpson.edu
Phone: (515)961-1680

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