[Samba] Windows 9x error!

Gilberto Nunes gilbertonunes at bomjesusielusc.edu.br
Fri Apr 8 13:21:07 GMT 2005

Hi for all...

Well, I think that this question have appear in this lists, but here we go...
I upgrade my samba server, for samba 3.0.13
Fater this, my MSWindows 9x clients, don´t get copying any files from samba
share to C: disk local...
When I try create some directory in some samba share, my client have a crash
and I have to reboot the machine.

Some tips?

Gilberto Nunes
Administrador de Rede/Sistemas
Fone: 433-0155 - Ramal 235
Bom Jesus/IELUSC (www.bomjesusielusc.edu.br)

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