[Samba] Changing file ownership from Windows

Marek Drápal drapal at email.cz
Thu Apr 7 07:06:54 GMT 2005

Hi all,

would be somebody so nice, to tell me, if IT'S POSSIBLE to change file
ownership from Windows native dialog? 

In Samba HOWTO ch.14 (File, Directory and Share Access Controls) is written,
that only special NT chown from Seclib NT security library is able to handle
this, on the other hand in various dissusions I found, that it is possible to
change it natively (as I understood).

>From my point of view I can't understand, the behaviour described in my
previous post. If I can change permissions HOW is possible, that I can't
change ownership?

Marek Drapal

Byl  5.duben (Úterý), když v 18:11:03 (CEST) 2005, drapal at email.cz napsal(a):
> Hi all,
> I've spent lot of time with reading various HOWTOs and mailing lists, but
> after all of that I can't change file ownership from Windows XP...
> I'm running Samba (3.0.11) PDC on a machine with EXT3 ACLs. From the admin 
> account I can change file permissions, add/remove ACL groups and their 
> permissions, but I'm unable to change the main unix group or user ownership.
> I'll really appreciate whatever hints.
> Thanks
>           Marek Drapal
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