[Samba] Changing file ownership from Windows

Tony Earnshaw tonye at billy.demon.nl
Thu Apr 7 08:49:11 GMT 2005

tor, 07.04.2005 kl. 09.06 skrev Marek Drápal:
> Hi all,

> would be somebody so nice, to tell me, if IT'S POSSIBLE to change file
> ownership from Windows native dialog? 

Yes, both user and group - depending on your OS/distro, Samba version
and compile-time options.

> In Samba HOWTO ch.14 (File, Directory and Share Access Controls) is written,
> that only special NT chown from Seclib NT security library is able to handle
> this, on the other hand in various dissusions I found, that it is possible to
> change it natively (as I understood).

Chapter 14 does not state this; on the contrary, it gives a full
description of how to manipulate ACLs using a Windows client (at least
the doco for Samba 3.0.11 does). What it doesn't What it doesn't discuss
is how to implement Posix ACLs. For this (Linux and IRIX) you should
consult your OS doco. Nor can I find references to compile-time options.

> >From my point of view I can't understand, the behaviour described in my
> previous post. If I can change permissions HOW is possible, that I can't
> change ownership?

It's possible you don't have ACL support either in your distro, Samba or


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