[Samba] Browsing through a tunnelled VPN connection

Rory Erickson rerickson at kixmedia.ca
Thu Apr 7 02:26:50 GMT 2005

Hi there,


This issue appears to have resolved itself after each of the
workstations on the local network rebooted and got the current WINS
server from the router(the Linksys router had an option to push this to
them via DHCP).  They were being pushed an old IP address that did not





Rory Erickson




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I had this problem with winxp/2k until I maded the local workstation a
workgroup member of the domain.

Rory Erickson wrote: 

Thanks Craig, I'll send this to the OpenVPN list. I wasn't quite sure
where to send it since it's the interaction between the two packages
where the problem appears to be, or I just don't see where it is which
is definitely possible.
Two final questions, if someone perhaps has an answer as my knowledge of
WINS is severally limited.
1) Is there any simple way to determine if WINS is functioning?  The
fact that over a tunneled connection where bcast is not supported yet
names do resolve if I run them via start (ie: \\SERVER) may indicate
this.  But is there any other way to determine this from a client
2) Does a WINS server allow you to browse computers via My Network
Places in an instance when bcast is not supported?
Rory Erickson
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Hi there,
I am trying to determine the best way for this to be done.
I'm currently using a VPN software package called OpenVPN, which I
connect to through a tunneled connection.  
When I connect to the VPN I am given an IP address of, and


subnet mask of  The Samba server has an IP address of and has a subnet mask of  A WINS server
address of is pushed to my VPN client when I connect.
Once I connect to the VPN I can access each computer on the network,
including the Samba server by typing their netbios name pre-pended by


\\.  However, I am unable to browse to these computers via Network
Neighborhood on my Windows 98 machine, nor My Network Places on any of
my Windows XP machines.  I believe I had enabled WINS on the Samba
server, which I was under the impression it would enable this even
though the computers do not broadcast like on a local network or


VPN connection.
Was I incorrect in this assumption?  If so, are there any potential
options that I may have available to accomplish this--the cosmetic


of being able to see the computers on the network via My Network


even when connected via a tunneled VPN connection?

openvpn offers several modes of use.
this question might be better handles by openvpn list.
assuming that other machines are capable of browsing the network and
locating other systems on the LAN via WINS, it would stand to reason
that a remote computer via VPN should be also able to browse the network
via WINS - if the connection permitted and the remote computer had been
set up with the same WINS settings.

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