[Samba] Re: winbind on a domain with 150000 users

Kim Hansen kimhanse at oek.dk
Wed Apr 6 16:55:22 GMT 2005

Peter Kruse <pk at q-leap.com> writes:

> Kim Hansen wrote:
>> I have testet wbinfo -g again on the ~90000 groups, and winbindd
>> tries
>> to use all the memory and I have to kill it. How much memory does your
>> winbindd end up using when you do wbinfo -g ?
> Did you run it under 3.0.13?  At the moment I cannot run this command,
> but winbindd runs now for 5 days and still doesn't use more memory than
> 44MB so I think the "leak" is gone with this version.  I'm not sure
> if winbind needs to keep all groupnames and related information in
> memory before it can print it to stdout...

Yes, it was 3.0.13 I tested, but with Debian patches, I don't know if
any of those patches are to blame. I will try to recompile a standard
version and see if that behaves better.

Kim Hansen

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