[Samba] Can really anyone help ?

Paul Gienger pgienger at ae-solutions.com
Wed Apr 6 13:57:48 GMT 2005

>I know that it is the right way to use this ML but as nobody answered me, i repost this help ...
>in fact, it is quite hurry, and i want to understand ...
Yes you are using it right, but realize that things aren't instant.  You 
waited about 2.5 hrs and then asked if the list was alive.  You also 
posted after about half of the US (where most of the support comes from 
from my ultra-scientific estimates) has left work.  It will be much 
slower at night... on to the issues.

>Why do the mount -t smbfs just halfWork ?? can see some directories, but see no file ! :o ...
I really can't offer much help, but does the user you're mounting as 
actually have permissions on the directory?    Aside from that, the 
stock answer around here is that if you're having problems with -t 
smbfs, try -t cifs and post back if you have more problems.

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