[Samba] RE: MYSQL - Was Functional till Update to 3.13

Collen collen at zeist.hermanjordan.nl
Wed Apr 6 11:02:10 GMT 2005

Hmm, You don't miss mutch.. straingely you miss a username aswell in the 

Did you make the posix users aswell ?? (with a script?)
try to comment 'foo:domain column = 'DOMAIN' ' out, and try again

also try to connect to the databse with a mysql-client, to see if that 
part works.!
use the exact same settings you use with samba!
(user, ip, pass)
and try to update a record, ea. username ?
if that part works (the mysqlclient), you know that the problem is 
something else.

my guesses is that it's a matter of eliminating possebilety's..


Ben Gaide wrote:
> Samba is Connecting and Inserting 1 Row, but It only sets 2 colums. NT 
> Password and Lanman Password, The other colums Stay as Default.
> For Insance. For the Attached log file I started Samba
> As Root Did
> smbpasswd -a username
> password
> password
> Stop Samba
> The mysql Database has the following new row
> Row Headers
> logon_time    logoff_time    kickoff_time    pass_last_set_time    
> pass_can_change_time    pass_must_change_time    username    domain    
> nt_username    nt_fullname    home_dir    dir_drive    logon_script    
> profile_path    acct_desc    workstations    unknown_str    
> munged_dial    uid    gid    user_sid    group_sid    lm_pw    nt_pw    
> acct_ctrl    unknown_3    logon_divs    hours_len    unknown_5    
> unknown_6    bad_password_count    logon_count
> Values
> NULL      NULL      NULL      1112742397      1112742397      
> 2147483647      NULL      FIJINET      NULL      NULL      NULL      
> NULL      NULL      NULL      NULL      NULL      NULL      NULL      
> 75      NULL      NULL      NULL      AAA8B176C3D8E3DEAAD3AA35B51404EE  
>    AAA899154197E8AAA33121D76A240AB5      16      NULL      NULL      
> NULL      NULL      NULL      NULL      NULL
> Collen wrote:
>> No errors in the log ???
>> try setting the debug level a little higher.. (2 - 5)
>> if samba can't connect to the db, it will show's up.
>> you could also try to login with a mysql client, with the same
>> settings of your samba config, to see if that part is right.
>> dunno how you configed the mysql-server, sometimes people
>> set it to only connect to the localhost (
>> or disable localhost, and make it use the network IP.
>> just be sure, that the settings you use within samba also work with 
>> the mysql-client.
>> but in both cases you should see debug info in the samba log's
>> (like can't connect to the passwd-backend mysql, or something like that)
>> Laterz
>> Collen.
>> Ben Gaide wrote:
>>> I didnt change anything else excludeing printer settings which when I 
>>> reverted to the old config file still made no difference. I can add 
>>> foo:mysql host = xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx, but I understand it deafults to 
>>> local host and it is clear to see that it does actually connect and 
>>> insert the correct lanman password. It even will change the password 
>>> of people that were added before the update properly.
>>> Log file lists No errors and I could not find any useful info. I will 
>>> stop samba, Clear the log, start samba add user stop samba and attach 
>>> that log later today.
>>>> i miss the ' foo:mysql host = xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx '
>>>> also what is your log-file telling you?
>>>> does it find the backend? did something else change aswell ?
>>>> Greet's
>>>> Collen
>>>> Ben Gaide wrote:
>>>>> I updated samba from 3.10 to 3.13 to get the updated print fixes, 
>>>>> but I noticed today that the smbpasswd script no longer functions. 
>>>>> It fails to update the the following fields.
>>>>> Please let me know if you have any ideas.
>>>>> Sorry I didnt include the appropriate config file so I will atach 
>>>>> the appropriate section now. Please not it is 3.0.13 not 3.13 as 
>>>>> that would be impossible.
>>>>>  # Samba Password Database configuration:
>>>>>    passdb backend = mysql:foo
>>>>>    foo:mysql user = samba
>>>>>    foo:mysql password = PASSWORD
>>>>>    foo:mysql database = samba
>>>>>    foo:domain column = 'DOMAIN'

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