[Samba] force create mode / force directory mode in 3.0.13 behavior changed?

christopher pickert cpickert at t3inc.us
Wed Apr 6 07:56:59 GMT 2005

... as in they dont appear to be forcing anymore anymore ? =)
I've tried on two seperate machines, slightly different configs but same 
statements in the stanza I was testing...
Trying to force 750/640 and it appeared to work quite nicely in the 
past.. No other mode statements around, and according to docs, force 
does a bitwire OR on the mode, no AND or masking. Still, with 750/640 
forced, I get -rwxr--r-- and drwxr-xr-x  thesedays..... very odd...

Anybody else use these statements that might be able to replicate or 
tell me to go RTFM one more time?

-- chris pickert

for reference, the statements are::
   force create mode = 640
   force directory mode = 750

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