[Samba] Windows Update using samba

Cesar Sanabria Pineda csanab at ife.org.mx
Mon Apr 4 16:42:07 GMT 2005

Hi, Im' trying to put a SUS server on my network, iv'e already installed
it, i've a PDC using samba, and my clients get registry configuration to
get the updates using a Netconfig.pol file this parts works ok.

So I'm having troubles with my clients, they don't get the updates from
the server when they are into the samba domain it looks like they don't
see the sus server, i tried adding SUS server to the domain but it
doesn't work; on the other hand when they are independent (outside the
domain) the get the updates and install them (using the same registr
configuration). So anybody knows what is the problem here?
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