[Samba] RE: Smbd 3.0.13 dies when smb.conf has winbind separator = \

Doug VanLeuven roamdad at sonic.net
Sun Apr 3 21:43:47 GMT 2005

John H Terpstra wrote:

>On Sunday 03 April 2005 13:28, Greg Scott wrote:
>>With help from Doug VanLeuven I think we fixed the problem.  The whole
>>bit with the backslash was a dead-end.  Doug sent over this script that
>>puts the libnss_winbind.so and libnss_wins.so libraries where they
>>belong and sets up working symlinks.  The documentation for moving the
>>libraries in section of the Samba-HOWTO-Collection is wrong.
>>Use Doug's script instead:
>Please file a bug report on https://bugzilla.samba.org with clear information 
>regarding what is wrong with the documentation. Please provide an example of 
>how we can reproduce the problem and all information that you can offer to 
>help correct the defect.
>I have tried to check this on several Linux systems and am unable to find a 
>problem with the default installation method. The default installation method 
>matches what is in the documentation.
>The libnss_winbind.so library needs to be in the standard place that is 
>searched for by the Name Service Switcher (NSS) on your system. It needs to 
>be linked to the version of the nss libraries that you operating system is 
>designed to search for.
>On Linux  the correct location for this file, together with its symbolic link, 
>is in /lib. There is no benefit at all in adding links to the /usr/lib 
Like I said in an earlier post, I was shotgunning when it didn't 
inititally work and never went back.  If there's no benefit to links in 
/usr/lib we ought to ask Redhat why they keep putting them there.  I 
carry along a lot of baggage like earlier binaries, so I added the .1 
links figuring it would work or it wouldn't for them.  Either way I was 
no worse off.  I don't normally have the time to learn everything about 
everything all the time. ;-)

>Please help to clear up whether or not the documentation really does need 
>updating or if in fact your claim that it is incorrect is in itself bogus. 
I wrote the script off of the documentation (and added some based on my 
observations of the running RH system), but didn't want to have to type 
that every time I moved to a new svn.  Too much chance for human error, 
namely my uncoordinated fingers.
What I see is sometimes a pre-installed winbind is a symbolic link from 
so.2 to so and sometimes it's a symbolic link from so to so.2.   Moving 
between systems, it pays to delete all pre-existing occurances before 
copying and symlinking.  The howto doesn't address that one issue, 
that's all.

>Winbind does not use the libnss_winbind.so library - that is called only by 
>NSS and therefore the location and linkage of the libnss_winbind.so library 
>can not have anything to do with why your winbindd may have crashed.
If you'd seen the earlier post, you'd have seen I mentioned to remove 
those lines.  I'm so crummy about editing on the fly, I didn't want to 
post an edited script that wouldn't work as is.
I thought the idea was to help the man get up and running without typing 
a novel.

I wish I could be friends instead of every time my name is mentoned it 
turns into an issue.  I don't pretend to be an ace programmer, but I 
have around 35 years of cross systems compatibility administrative 
experience.  Yeah, I tend to have a different slant than most people.

Problem with experience is, once a cat has sat on a hot stove, it won't 
sit on a cold one either.
Mark Twain

Regards, Doug

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