[Samba] OT Windows policy question

Tony Earnshaw tonye at billy.demon.nl
Sun Apr 3 11:19:45 GMT 2005

Gémes Géza:


> I don't know Nitrobit at all, but with the "traditional" Windows
> NT4
> policy editor you can use lot of adm files to offline edit the
> registry, creating an NTConfig.pol file on the root of your netlogon
> share. If I remember correctly one of the adm files shipped with the
> Windows NT4 ZAK
> (Zero Administration Kit).

Thanks. I found out the answer to my own question - it seems to be a
Windows quirk.

Nitrobit Group Policy Editor makes it possible to use mmc snapins to
store policies on the netlogon share and goes a lot further than
poledit (which I used to use "in the old days, so I know it). For us
as a school, it costs very little, so I think we'll stick with it.

Sorry for the noise ...


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