[Samba] Re: OT Windows policy question

Tony Earnshaw tonye at billy.demon.nl
Sun Apr 3 15:02:26 GMT 2005

Tony Earnshaw:


> However, The Windows group policy snapin makes it easy to redirect
> "My Documents", but redirecting "Start Menu" and "Desktop" requires
> a local (machine) security profile. I wouldn't know what that is.
> Can anyone on the list please point me at a Microsoft Knowledge
> Base
> url that details what this is, and how I can implement it using
> mmc/Group Policy?

O.k., this was a stupid RTFM question: the answer is in the Windows
XP help documentation on the machine itself. I'm sorry for having
wasted anybody's time (I'm going through the torture of having to
relearn Windows). The funny thing is, that one has to associate
relocation of any other folder than "My Documents" with a group
local to the XP machine.


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